Treating Drug Resistant High Blood Pressure

For some people, medications do not work to bring blood pressure down.  It's called resistant hypertension, or "stubborn high blood pressure."  For some, the medications also caused side effects.

That's why a team of experts at Mayo Clinic came up with a test that can measure the heart function and resistance in the arteries using a non invasive technique called Thoracic Bio-Impedence.

Dr. Sandra Raler and her colleagues found that this technique gives much more information than measurements taken with a standard blood pressure cuff.  The test involves hooking the patient up to electrodes that pass a light electric current through the chest. The technology shows how hard the heart is working or pumping, how much resistance is in the arteries, and how much fluid is in the body. Test results help doctors decide how to change patients' medications to find more effective combinations of medications that will bring their blood pressure down to normal.

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