More Stores Pulling All-Nighters for Last-Minute Shoppers

NEW YORK (AP) - An increasing number of retailers won't be shutting their doors again until Christmas. They'll be open all day and all night.

The Toys R Us store in New York's Times Square is in the middle of a 134-hour marathon.

Macy's has 13 stores in areas like Chicago, Washington and Detroit that are pulling all-nighters in the final days before Christmas.

Is it worth it for them to pay staff to stay all night?

Experts say it is. They say the additional labor costs are small, compared with the goodwill that stores gain from offering a convenience to last-minute shoppers. Some of them were already staffed overnight by people stocking shelves and cleaning.

One industry analyst says retailers don't have a choice. Marshal Cohen says if they don't do it, they're giving up a share of their sales to someone else.

Retailers are facing not just a bleak economy, but also a holiday shopping season with five fewer days in it than last year between Black Friday and Christmas.

There's also been harsh winter weather across much of the country in recent days.