Adult health programs for moms, seniors and more

Senior Fitness

Why is it that the population who needs exercise the most is the one who does it the least? Persons over 65 can benefit from exercise in so many ways. includiug reduced health care costs, increased independence and qualjty of life, even better self image and a decreased risk of falls. What keeps mature adults from exercising? Just about all of the reasons usually given can be taken care of with experienced, certified staff help.

Seniors should have one on one training in a group setting to ensure safety andeffectiveness, while being able to socialize with people of all ages. For a FREE Trial session of our P.E.P.P.Y. Program, call Fitness World at 524-0000.

Moms In Motion
Just because you are expecting a baby or recovering from delivery does not mean you have to stop exercising. With your doctor's permission, you can maintain your fitness level, prevent unnecessary weight gain. and have an easier delivery and possibly a healthier baby. After delivery you can reach your prepregnancy weight faster as well as get your stamina and strength back at a time when you really need them! The Moms In Motion program at Fitness World offers personal training for couples, pregnant women, postpartum recovery and group fitness classes for pre and posnatal women. Call 524-0000 to find out more details.

Wondering about Personal Finance, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Burning Fat, Flexibility or Skin Care? These are just some of the topics covered in our FREE Lecture Series at Fitness World Every month we host a guest speaker from a different field for a FREE seminar for our members. To learn what next month's topic is call Fitness World at 524-0000.

Personal Training
It's not just for the wealthy anymore! Personal Training is more affordable than ever and the results you get may keep you from spending more money on other less effective fitness equipment, plans or books. Your trainer will tailor your workout to Your goals, increase the intensity as you get stronger and constantly motivate you throughout your workout. A Personal trainer should be certified through a nationally recognized organization AND/OR have a college degree in Exercise Science or Kinesiology . Experience doesn't hurt either, to talk to om Certified Personal Trainers at Fitness World call 524-0000!

Health Facts
Persons with osteoporosis can actually improve their bone density with exercise in combination with other treatments? Ask your doctor if you are a candidate! Strength training is a great tool for weight loss because building muscle increases your metabolism.You can change your reaction to stressful life events (think traffic, work, kids) by practicing yoga.