Pilates, Yoga, and more

Mind/ Body Fitness is the current buzzword, but what does it mean? It means that your brain and your body are both activity engaged in your workout. Typical forms of mind/body fitness are yoga, Pilates and the Spinning Program. These types of exercise encourage participant to tune jnto what is going on in their body and turn off any distracting thoughts. The effect is very calming and relaxing, while at the same time very beneficial to your body because your workout becomes higher in quality. Any workout can be made into Mind/ Body fitness with a little inner focus. While you are walking, jogging or cycling, think about the rhythm of your feet and let all other thoughts fall away, focus on your breathing and relax.

What is Yoga? Yoga is a very popular fom1 of exercise that will increase f1exibility, strength and mental focus. The poses or postures used in Yoga teach your body and your mind to re1ax while you are working, something that translates well into our stressful everyday lives. A typical yoga class involves a Wam-Up portion, a work portion that involves poses such as Warrior II (picture provided) and balance work, and a final relaxation that will leave you feeling great. Make sure your yoga teacher is certified from a reputable organization to ensure your safety and comfort.

What is Pilates? Joseph H. Pilates developed what he called the "Art of Contrology" over 90 years ago. The Pilates classes taught today are based on his work and years of practicing aud perfecting the movements. The purpose of Pilates classes is to strengthen and tone the "Core muscles" which are any muscles which attach to your spine and pelvis. The result of this specific series of exercises is. better posture, a flat stomach, a stronger back, and a whole new way of moving. Pilates classes are great for those recovering from surgery and post physical therapy (with a doctor's release. of course!), as well as athletes preparing for competition or just the person who wants a smaller middle- Just like in Yoga make sure your instructor is certified from a nationally recognized organization.

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