About the Clinic

Walking into the Bone and Joint Clinic of Shreveport, one could easily believe that they have stumbled into a larger-than-life sports museum, rather than a medical practice.  From the open and airy ambiance of the clinic entrance and waiting area throughout the hallways and treatment rooms, literally every wall is accented with sports photographs and memorabilia.  Many of the names and faces (Karl Malone, Terry Bradshaw) are easily recognizable, even to the sports-illiterate.  Other athletes represented there may be less well known, but they all have one thing in common--expert care of sports medicine professionals.

Since its originial establishment in the mid-1950s on Margaret Place in Shreveport, the Bone and Joint Clinic, as an institution in the medical community, has grown and progressed, providing cutting-edge orthopedic care to thousands of area residents.  It is not just within the walls of the clinic, however, that Dr. William "Billy" Bundrick dedicates his practice to the subspecialty of sports medicine.  His involvement with area sports organizations is characterized by a hands-on approach.  "Sports medicine is much more than simply treating the injured athlete," Dr. Bundrick explains.  "Our focus also has to be working with athletes, coaches and trainers to improve conditioning and overall performance."