Linnear found guilty as charged

Stacie Linnear has been found guilty of 2nd degree battery for an incident that happened inside Kokolpelis Nightclub in October of 2007. Police say after an altercation involving some gang signs being displayed, Linnear punched John Fuggins several times and knocked him unconscious, then hit him several more times. The beating sent Fuggins to the intensive care unit of LSU Hospital. Fuggins was reportedly comatose and missing several teeth. Today (Wednesday) Detective Rod Demery testified that during an interview Linnear admitted to him that he did it, and that he seemed to feel that he was justified. He also told Demery that before the altercation Fuggins displayed a gang sign to Linnear indicating that he was from a certain neighborhood. Linnear is from an opposing neighborhood.
A six-person jury found Linnear guilty, now Linnear faces zero to five years in prison.
Fuggins has filed a lawsuit against Linnear and Kokopelis.