Texarkana shuts down hotel for health and safety violations

TEXARKANA (KSLA) - Smelly sewer problems and other safety issues forced the city of Texarkana to shut down a hotel.

As of Friday, the Crowne Plaza Hotel at 5301 State Line Avenue was ordered to shut down pending mandatory improvements.

The city manager says the health and safety violations include mold that must be removed, sewer gasses leaking into the building and several fire code violations.

"This has been going on for awhile. Actually, since about June, we've been trying to work with the hotel on trying to get some of the violations fixed and we just felt that we've given them quite a bit of time and so we needed to take the steps to shut it down," said Shirley Jaster, Texarkana's Director of Public Works.

The city says the hotel will remain closed until the building code violations have been corrected.