"WIC" - Nutrition Education

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Many families find it hard to make ends meet.  Parents might result to cutting back on nutritional foods to tighten up their budget. But thanks to one program called "WIC" -- Women, Infants and Children," affording the right foods and getting nutritional information, could be easier and cheaper than you might think.

Healthy eating for pregnant women and children is essential for a promising future.

Norma Longoria, TX Association of WIC Directors: "It's very important to help prevent illness and to make sure your babies and your mothers eat nutritiously, so they can have an optimal delivery."

"WIC" helps supply families with nutritional foods, and a healthful education.

Longoria: "A lot of people think that it's like a food stamp program, but it's a nutrition program because we emphasize nutrition education and we give classes and information to moms on how to better fed their infants or children."

The program not only helps families with no income, it helps working families too.

Casey Sanders, WIC Participant: "My husband was working and I knew I would eventually be working and I didn't think I would qualify. But I came up here and I qualified, and now we have WIC assistance."

A family of four with an annual income of $33,485 could qualify for WIC.  But a family's income level is not the only requirement.  Only women and children can apply; you must live in the state in which you apply; and you or your child must meet a nutrition risk requirment, such as a poor diet.

WIC helps more than a family's health, it can also help a family's budget.

Sanders: "It probably saves at least $200 a month on everything. 'cause formula is $4 a can. You get 41 cans and you're set for for the month."

"WIC" covers only certain food items to help make sure a family is getting the right nutrients. Items like milk, cheese, eggs and juice can help put women, infants and children on the road to good health.

Once you enroll in the program, you'll receive vouchers which you use at the check-out counter.

Many stores accept wic but find out before you begin shopping.