Biofeedback: An exclusive service from Regional Urology

Biofeedback is simply a method to provide patients with important information about their own bodies. The Northwest Louisiana Continence Center offers an exclusive biofeedback program that is designed specifically to help patients improve symptoms of incontinent  Biofeedback is a completely safe, non-invasive treatment option that many patients use as an exclusive approach to managing their incontinence, or it can be easily incorporated into other treatment methods. In the properly selected patient, biofeedback can be tremendously effective.
Strengthening the Muscles of the Pelvic Floor is often very effective in improving or eliminating involuntary urine leakage in individuals affected by stress incontinence. These muscles are often damaged in women as a result of childbirth, and indeed, can lose even more strength as hormone levels decrease during menopause. Like any other muscle in the body, exercise strengthens them. The success of pelvic floor muscle exercises is greatly enhanced with the addition of biofeedback. For those patients affected by urge incontinence, biofeedback training helps them to learn to use these same muscles to alleviate the urgent sensation, providing more time to reach the bathroom.
How does Biofeedback work? Like other muscles in the body, pelvic floor muscles emit a small electrical signal that can be monitored externally and visually via computer. Monitoring is achieved by using small vaginal or anal sensors that can be placed by the patient. Another set of sensors is placed on the surface of the abdomen, since a common error among patients is to use abdominal muscles instead of pelvic muscles. By "feeding back" this information in a visual manner to the patient. he or she learns to exercise the proper muscles. Biofeedback is completely safe, and often very effective, with no known side effects. For more information, ask your urologist or other professional staff members at the Northwest Louisiana Continence Center of Regional Urology, LLC.
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