City tells Beaird Company to get out

By Fred Childers - email | bio

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Hundreds of jobs hang in the balance at Beaird Company. The city of Shreveport has terminated it's agreement with Beaird. And the 400 plus employees are caught in the middle.  You might recall back in May the plant - which makes huge wind mill towers - shut down with hopes of reopening.
    Several months have passed and financially busted, and unable to pay it's employees for months, the beaird company now faces perhaps it's last set back. "The way I look at it, the city of Shreveport is putting 427 people back out on the street," says John Donaho, who has worked at Beaird for forty years.  
    Beaird's longtime agreement with the city of Shreveport and it's lease has been terminated. "I'm very uneasy about it, right now," says employee, Robert Groines.
     The reason for the termination- according to a letter from the city obtained by channel 12, Beaird has failed to meet several conditions such as the removal of debris from the land, repair to the asphalt, and leaky roof tops.
     But the employees and even the management at Beaird Company say the conditions have been met and the evidence is all around. At a glance it does appear that a lot of work has been going on at the plant. Even so, Mayor Cedric Glover sent a letter to Beaird yesterday saying it had five days to get out, if it wasn't out at that time, it would be evicted. "I'm sorry to hear the mayor say that, because we have a new owner, A.W.S., has bought this place. And that's the real heartbreaker for employees and management, the struggling company had been in negotiations with another company, called American Wind Solutions to transfer it's lease, giving Beaird a new lease on life, a new lease, that for now looks like a moot point.