Shreveport woman gets to 'Come on Down' during visit to The Price is Right

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Ever wish you could be on a game show?

Well, one Shreveport women turned her dream into a reality and came home with much more than just her 15 minutes of fame.

Jacqeuline Hatcher knew if she got inside the doors of The Price Is Right, she would get on stage. "I just knew."

The Shreveport resident decided to take a stab at the show after her recent vacation to California.

"I was getting ready to go on vacation and I was thinking what would be fun," she said.

Out of 350 people, Jackie was one of four picked to name that price.

"I was nervous," she admitted.

Hoping for the big win, Jackie was on her way when she guessed right on the price of a $1,000 camcorder.

But minutes later missed on a free vacation and the grand prize.

Jackie's not sad though. She left with a camcoder, a bunch of new friends, an inside look at how the show works, and a tip for anyone going to California.

"Have fun when you go on vacation. Find a game show."