Arrest warrant issued for missing Grambling State University student

GRAMBLING, LA (KSLA) - Pennsylvania police say there is now a warrant out for the arrest of a Grambling State University student, who has been missing for the past two weeks.

The father of 27-year-old Michelle McMullen says the warrant is in regards to a discrepancy over funds with her church in Pennsylvania. Michael McMullen says his daughter was a church administrator there.

"They have as of today issued a warrant for her for possible involvment in this investigation," he said.

He also believes this development has nothing to do with her disappearance. He says his first priority is finding his daughter and returning her home.

McMullen was last seen dropping off her son Jayden in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

McMullen's been missing since she left Pennsylvania about two weeks ago to return to Grambling. Her car was found a few days ago in Hagerston, Maryland, along with her cell phone.

From Oct. 8
By Tania Francois - email | bio

Grambling, LA (KSLA) - Police in Harrisburg, PA are investigating the disappearance of a 27-year-old Grambling State University student.  Michelle' Orphallee McMullen was last seen on September 28.  That's when she left Grambling to take her 6-year-old son Jayden back to her parents in PA.

The freshman Business major was supposed to turn right around taking the 16 hour drive right back to Grambling, LA to be in class and at work by Monday.  Her family and friends say the last time anyone heard from her was just after 9 pm when she spoke to a friend on the phone. They say there has been no activity on her cell phone nor debit cards.

McMullen lived in an off campus apartment in Ruston. Notes are piling up on the door, one is asking that she please call her mother.  At a nearby McDonald's where she worked, her manager says she recently came in asking for more hours.  She was supposed to start working them on last Monday when she never came in.

McMullen has been traveling in her 2002 Black Honda Accord. According to a news release from the Harrisburg Police Department, the car was found in Maryland. Blood hounds searched the car and found nothing including no signs of foul play. But the say, items found in the car offer some further leads but no other information is being released at this time. Ruston police went inside her apartment and say everything appears normal.

If anyone has any information on the missing student, they are asked to call their local police department.