DEA and other agencies bust up cocaine ring

By Fred Childers - email | bio

CITY, STATE (KSLA) -     It took all of 2007 to investigate and arrest these men and one women for selling cocaine on Shreveport streets, and took most of 2008 to prosecute them.  "We started from the ground up, targeting crack cocaine street dealing who were dealing ounce quantities of cocaine," says Gary Hill, head DEA agent for the Shreveport office. It all started with Eric Mahoney, or E, Mahoney. A play on his name would create the moniker for the investigation, "E Z Money". The term seemed to apply after agents seized customized vehicles, that seemed to declare big time status. "We seized six vehicles, and they had a combined value of over a quarter of a million dollars," says Hill.     
    Powder cocaine, crack cocaine, and even weapons were seized. "We feel anybody who deals with that kind of stuff is considered dangerous," says Hill.
    Agents say they watched Obidiah McGee and his girlfriend, Paula Crayton deliver kilograms of cocaine to other dealers up the chain. "The day that we actually took them into custody, they had just conducted a drug transaction and had their infant daughter with them," said Hill.
    The couple got ten years each in prison. Some of their business partners got up to twenty years.
    The vehicles will be auctioned off by the U.S. Marshall Service. The proceeds will be distributed among the DEA, and other law enforcement agencies in Caddo Parish. The DEA credits other agencies, like the Shreveport Police Department and the Caddo Sheriff's Office for helping in the investigation.