The Facts About Prostate Problems

From infection to BPH to cancer, a range of problems can be at the root of prostate discomfort.  With your doctor's help, you can find out if your symptoms are signs of a prostate condition.  In some cases, they may be due to another problem, your doctor will talk with you about treatment options and ways to stay healthy in the future.

Symptoms caused by the prostate usually don't indicate cancer.  Prostate cancer often doesn't cause symptoms.  In fact, cancer can develop with or without other prostate problems.

Prostate problems can often be treated without surgery.  In many cases, behavioral changes or medications can relieve the symptoms or treat the cases of prostate problems.

Symptoms are not always signs of prostate problems.  The symptoms of conditions such as bladder infections are often mistaken for symptoms of prostate problems.

Prostate surgery for BPH rarely causes impotence or incontinence.  Impotence or incontinence (urinary leakage or the sudden frequent urge to urinate) rarely occurs as a result of surgery.