Nine month murder unsolved, family hits the streets

By Fred Childers - email | bio

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) -  Close to a hundred people marching down the street chanted "Who killed Graylon Williams" in Marshall, Texas today. "We're marching for one cause and that's to help the police to find out who actually murdered my baby," says Shirley Williams, Graylon's mother.
    Williams was mysteriously gunned down at the Sweet Stop convenience store in January. "I can't think of anything he could have done for someone to kill him," says Henry Houston, Graylon's dad.
    Williams reportedly left the convenience store  then headed to a trail that to  his home just over a  hill, police say once he got on the trail he was shot in the back. Unfortunately for detectives there were no eyewitnesses. "I've heard so many things, Frank did it, John did it, Peter did it, if there's no evidence, then there's no case," says Henry Houston. But there is surveillance video from outside Sweet Stop, showing a man pacing back and forth and getting into a vehicle moments before Graylon was killed. "We're not certain that that's anybody involved with the case we'd like to know who he is," says Sgt. Len Ames, with the Marshall Police Department. Graylon's family, his neighbors and friends, and the detectives trying to find his killer all took part in the march. "We're not giving up on this, the family is not giving up on this," says Sgt. Ames.
    What caused someone to kill Graylon, is still a mystery, one that has stirred the community of Marshall. "It's our problem, but it's there problem too, this guy is still out there," says Houston.
   If you have any information on this case call the Marshall Police Department at 903-935-9969.