More Services

At Kingsley Place we offer the perfect complement of assisted living services for seniors who need help with daily living but want to maintain as much independence as possible. All of our services are tailored to the resident'sindividual needs. You and your family will have peace of mind knowing that
you'll get all the personalized care and extra support you need -but only whenand if you need it. With so much available right here, many of our residentsnever require services beyond the assisted living level, eliminating the need for anursing home altogether.

Kingsley Place offers:
Customized Service Care Plan: When you join our community, we firstthoroughly evaluate your situation, then create a detailed Service Care Plan justfor you. We also monitor your needs over time and increase or decrease assistance as necessary. In addition, your daily care, housekeeping and other services are provided by a team of dedicated caregivers who offer all the personalized care and support you need. This unique "TLC" approach helps you develop special relationships with the people responsible for assisting you and that means better care. Your Service Care Plan includes the appropriate combination of services in these areas:
> Assistance with bathing, dressing and grooming
> Assistance with medication
> Dining assistance
> Assistance with reminders and redirection
> Escorts and assistance with walking
> Transfer assistance
> Behavior management
> Personal laundry
> Therapeutic activities
> Monthly support group meetings