The Emeritus Philosophy

Everything we do at Emeritus has a singular, overriding goal: to enhance our residents’ physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental well-being. Our continuous pursuit of this goal is reflected in the five elements of our company philosophy.
We sincerely respect our residents’ privacy, dignity, individuality, and choice. Respect and support for our employees is also paramount. Only by empowering our employees and valuing their initiative, creativity, and judgment are we able to provide the highest level of customer service.

We call our properties "communities" because, at each location, we foster an atmosphere of community among staff and residents. Each Emeritus community gives our residents a sense of place and belonging ... of home.

This is the most important component of our philosophy. By providing the care our residents need to enjoy the utmost level of independence, the quality of their lives is enhanced.

Our staff, our residents, and their families and friends are all equally important members of the Emeritus team. We strive to instill in all team members a sincere belief that their individual contributions are important to our residents’ well-being — and to our company’s success.

Emeritus believes that excellent customer value is the greatest contribution we can make to our residents and their families. We measure customer value through the exceptional quality of care and housing we provide.