An Introduction to Urological Disorders

Urological disorders effect millions of men and women every day.  Early detection can be the key to obtaining proper treatment for any of the numerous disorders.  The key to early detection is knowledge.  We've provided a brief description of the common disorders below.  
Kidney Stones
Your kidneys are the chemical filters for your body.  These bean-shaped organs constantly screen your blood, removing wastes and excess fluids.  Healthy kidneys maintain the chemical balance your body needs.  But sometimes certain chemicals build up within a kidney.  They can then form a stone.  There are several types of stones.  Some stay in the kidney.  Others may move into the urinary tract. 
Why Kidney Stones Form
Kidney stones form for many reasons.  If you don't drink enough water, for instance, you won't have enough uring to dilute chemicals.  Then the chemicals may form crystals, which can develop into stones.  To find out more information about kidney stones, click here .


Impotence refers to any problem that interferes with sexual function in men. The problems can range from being unable to achieve an erection to being unable to maintain an erection. The causes are either psychological or organic.

Psychological causes are due to:
1. Anxiety
2. Depression
3. Marital conflict
4. Misinformation
5. Obsessive compulsive personality disorder

Organic causes are:
1. Neurogenic, usually from a spinal cord injury
2. Endocrinologic, usually diabetes or some type of problem with the glandular system
3. Cardiovascular, such as hardening of the arteries
4. Drug induced, such as people who are taking certain antihypertensive medications

The good news for everyone is that treatments are available even in the most severe cases. Treatment options include psychological counseling for the ten percent of problems that are considered psychological in nature.

The other ninety percent are organic in nature and can be treated by:
1. Drugs such as Viagra
2. Vacuum pumps
3. Pharmacologic injection therapy
4. Surgical implants or prostheses which can achieve erections
If you are concerned about impotence or desire more information about treatment options see you doctor for further details.
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Urinary incontinence is the inability to stop urine leakage.  Incontinence can be so embarrassing that it interferes with living a normal, full life.  But there are several ways to control it.   

A Common Problem

If you have trouble controlling your bladder, you are not alone.  Loss of bladder control is a common problem, shared by millions of Americans.  Incontinence can rob you of sleep and leave you exhausted.  It can make travel awkward and keep you from enjoying physical activity.  Despite these frustrations, fewer than half the people with incontinence seek help .  Many feel too embarrassed, while others simply don't realize help is available.  For treatment and more information click here.