New Teen Hot Spot

From biking to bouncing kids got a chance to have lots of fun at Cargill Park Saturday. But it was also one stop shopping for safety.

Lifford Jackson, Caddo Sheriff's Office: "It's important to fingerprint in case of the situation that your kids come up missing. You'll have his or her fingerprint to give your local law enforcement agency."
Two groups with similar ideals organized the event
They're hoping it'll be the newest hot spot for teenagers to hang out.
Kalan Washington, Buffalo Soldiers: "The people show base their cars and socialize. That's what we're trying to do here. An open space for them that's secure. They can do the same things and be able to have fun while they're doing it."
Teenagers seem to be catching on to the idea.
Al Williams: "This is the best spot. Biggest spot. A lot more room to move around. You don't have to worry about cars banging getting to close to one another."
Anthony Williams: "Bring em down here it's a good thing, keep it going. Real good thing down here. If you can keep them in one spot watch out on them."
Oganizers say they hope this is only the beginning.
Verdis Hays, Magnolia State Peace Officers Association: "We want to have something like this every month to give the inner city youth somewhere to go without being hassled."
Somewhere safe where they can just hang out and have fun.