Remaining Four Alamo Girls Taken During Raid To Remain In Foster Care

By Jonathan McCall - bio | email

SHREVPORT, LA (KSLA) -  It only took judges in Miller County, Arkansas just over 2 hours Monday to decide to keep the four remaining girls taken from the Tony Alamo Ministries in foster care until further notice.  Julie Munsell with the Arkansas Department of Human Services, says the 6 girls are being taken care of. "Our focus right now is going to be on those children on what we can do to make them as comfortable as possible. What we can do to help them heal."

Two separate hearings were held for the 2 pairs of siblings to determine whether there was enough evidence to return them back home to their parents, or keep them in foster care while officials investigate claims of abuse by their parents. The parents of the two girls showed up at the courthouse, but they waived their right to that hearing.  "I think they were given very good legal advice. Probably had the parents on Friday opted for legal advice it would have gone the same way."

Danita Abernathy who is the Child Appointed Services Advocate of Texarkana says the girls are ok physically but. "Emotionally they miss the people they live with. They want contact with their familes. But they are doing fine." The judge presiding over the case ruled that the remaining 4 girls stay in foster care until an adjudication hearing on October 21. Officials with the Department of Human Services say they will be working on visitation arrangements with the parents and kids during that time, but the details of what they are not available.