Elderly woman found wandering down Shreveport street

By Katrina Webber - email | bio

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - An elderly Shreveport woman is safe and sound in her home, thanks to the actions of a stranger.

Alvinia Womack told KSLA News 12 she was driving down Walker Road near Bert Kouns around 4 a. m. Monday when she noticed a woman in a nightgown who appeared to be confused, wandering down the street.

Womack said she thought it was odd so she stopped and asked the woman where she was going.

"When she said she was headed to work, then I knew something wasn't right. I knew that maybe she needed help," she said.

After asking people in the area if they recognized the woman, Womack said she decided to call police.

Officers responded and, at first, planned to contact nearby nursing homes to see if any of them was missing a patient. 

However, they eventually noticed a bracelet on the woman's arm and were able to use a number on it to track down her family, Womack said.

The officers reunited the woman with a relative at a nearby apartment complex around 4:30 a. m.

"She safe now so I can sleep better," said Womack.