Jindal requests federal funds for disaster relief

By Fred Childers - email | bio

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) -    Hurricane's cost money, and Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal is asking the federal government to help pay for the last two, Gustav and Ike. "If they can afford to bail out Wall Street, they can certainly help Louisiana working families get back on their feet," Jindal told a room full of first responders from the Ark-La-Tex.  Jindal came to Shreveport/Bossier to thank first responders, emergency officials and residents for helping with hurricane relief. "There's no way we would have seen so many lives saved if it hadn't been for the great people of Northwest Louisiana," says Jindal. He wants federal help for state's agriculture and fisheries enterprises, and to build preventative structures to help with flooding. And he's asking for FEMA to wave what's called a Cost Share program like it did for Texas. "Normally after a storm, for reimbursable expenses FEMA will pay 75 percent, communities will pay 25 percent, in 2005 for Katrina they waved the cost share," Jindal said.
    The requests were made Tuesday when Jindal, and other state and local leaders testified before a  U.S. senate subcommittee that oversees disaster recovery efforts in Louisiana and Texas. Jindal says both republicans and democrats arrived in Washington D.C. to ask for the help.