Arkansas Officials Concerned With Safety of Residents After Alamo Raid

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Fouke, Arkansas officials are now turning their attention to the safety of the more than 800 residents who live there.

Fouke Mayor Terry Purvis says he's concerned about the safety of residents inside and outside of the ministry amid concerns of a possible backlash.

Purvis says Fouke is safe, but he says local law enforcement agencies have agreed to help if needed.

Another concern Purvis says he's run into is lack of information from federal and state officials.

"Well, right now I haven't been given any information or any indication of what's going on from the FBI or the Arkansas State Police," says Purvis. "So, right now we're just waiting to see what information develops, but we haven't been given any as of right now."

Residents inside the ministry say they're also concerned about their safety after the raid.

Purvis says so far there hasn't been an increase in police presence.