Texas BBB has advice for dealing with storm repair contractors

By Danielle Capper

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - While the threat of Hurricane Ike is long gone, a new threat may be on the way. Door-to-door scam artists, who offer to help with your repairs, instead take your money and run.

As the road to recovery begins, disaster cleanup and repairs continue.

"Ike was a biggie. It was a biggie for the East Texas area," says Kay Robinson with the Tyler Better Business Bureau.

Robinson wants to send a warning to consumers. "Contractors descend on our homeowners in the east Texas area. "It brings people in from all sides. And unfortunately a lot of these people are not responsible for doing a good job, at a good price."

To avoid being taken advantage of, Robinson suggests consumers ask many questions.

"Don't do business with someone that does not give you all the information you need about who they are, what they are, what their experience is."

The Attorney General's office recommends only dealing with licensed contractors, be wary of specials, never pay up front for work, and get terms of warranty in writing.

"Get the reliability report on someone you may be considering work for you, and if the work turns out good then go with them," Robinson said.

She also suggests getting a license plate number just in case. "That's a great way to track down somebody with law enforcement if you need to."

Be cautious and take your time to not cave to empty promises.