Bus of animals sent packing

"We left early so we could get out of harm's way," said Tom Fabian.
Fabian says he loaded his bus with 25 dogs and 25 cats mostly belonging to other evacuees and he and his family made their way to safety here at the bossier animal control shelter. Fabian says he's thankful for the short visit.
"Sure they helped us for two, three, four days, but they're putting us in a bind is what they're doing."
That's because the animal shelter is no longer allowing all of Fabian's animals to stay.
"They're booting us out because they're closing the shelter down," he said.
That's not exactly the entire story according to Bossier City spokesman Mark Natale who says the shelter properly housed all evacuee pets as long as it could.
"Tents are gone - it's a manpower issue," said Natale.
He says outdoor tents were actually torn down by ike and all of the animals were then rushed inside in cramped quarters.
Since then most of the evacuees picked up their animals and Natale says they even tried to find another place for the Fabians in Stonewall but they were stonewalled.
"They had not heard from that individual in the meantime my understanding is the folks in the kennel made arrangements with animal control in Lufkin to put the animals up," said Natale.
And if that doesn't work tom Fabian says, since he cannot return home to Galveston for weeks, even months, he might have to wing it.
"Find a patch of grass and garden hose and shade that's all," he said.