Ike the storm brings "Ike" the squirrel into the KSLA family

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - The KSLA News 12 family grew by one Friday night because of the stormy weather.

"Ike" the baby squirrel came to KSLA by way of Photographer Andy Clark and Reporter Fred Childers. Earlier Friday evening they were covering a story on Burlingame Avenue in Shreveport where a tree had fallen, hit a house a broke a gas line. A child found the squirrel alone on a fallen tree, but didn't know what to do. He brought it to Andy and Fred, who wrapped the creature up and brought it to our station.

Andy actually has some experience with squirrels, so for the time being he caring for Ike at his home. Our best estimate is that Ike is about four weeks old.

We want to thank the viewers who called after the show to offer tips and support in caring for Ike. I'm sure we'll have updates on him (or her. Ike was cold so he's been kept wrapped up most of the time) as the weeks progressed.

After spending the evening as our unofficial mascot, he went home in a warm blanket where he'll be very well taken care of.