Hurricane Ike Evacuee Gives Birth at Shelter

NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas (AP) - An evacuee from Hurricane Ike gave birth in the bathroom of a shelter today with the help of an expert in geriatric psychiatry who delivered his first baby in two decades.

Dr. Mark Burns told the New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung in a report for Saturday's newspaper that it was kind of like riding a bicycle.

Ku Paw delivered a baby girl on the floor of the girls restroom at Church Hill Middle School in New Braunfels with the aid of Burns, intensive care nurse Peggy Bielke and a few volunteers.

Paw, an evacuee from Calhoun County along the Texas coast, was staying with about 270 others. She was evaluated at a hospital earlier but returned to the shelter with the expectation she wouldn't go into labor until Monday.

Burns had been asked by New Braunfels City Councilwoman Kathleen Krueger to stop by the school and see a few patients. Burns said he was leaving when he was alerted that Paw was in labor.

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