The South Texas Project Twin-Reactor Nuclear Power Plant to Stay Operating

WADSWORTH, Texas (AP) - The South Texas Project twin-reactor nuclear power plant is expected to stay on line and not be threatened by Hurricane Ike.

The facility produces more than 7 percent of the electricity used in Texas and is built to withstand a major hurricane and tornadoes. It was expected to see winds of about 55 mph from Ike.

The buildings that house STP's reactors, vital equipment and spent fuel have steel-reinforced concrete walls, four to seven feet thick. The plant is 10 miles inland at an elevation of 29 feet to avoid a large hurricane storm surge.

The facility should stay online as long as the state's electric grid can handle the power, said Edward , spokesman for the STP Nuclear Operating Company.

"We're online and staying online," Conaway said, adding the company is staying in touch with state grid operators.

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