Information on re-entry to New Orleans


  • Entry into the City of New Orleans will be based on "phased access placard system".  This means that key personnel for safety and utilities are the first to return to the City.  This is to make sure power and water is functioning, hospital staffing is at full levels, street department road clearance, and other similar people that support daily living needs are back and working.
  • The reason for tiered entry is to help control traffic and public safety.  This helps ensure that the infrastructure of the City can be re-established quickly and be made safe for its citizens. All reentry plans are being phased based on the capacity of utility services, hospital service capacity, and ensuring public safety.
  • Mayor Nagin announced yesterday that The City of New Orleans will allow re-entry today (Tuesday, September 2, 2006) of Tier 1.  This Tier is defined as emergency critical organizations and agencies that support the government as well as those involved in the repair of infrastructure.  Examples would include utility companies, hospitals, and public works as well as
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  • pre-designated government contractors (and their sub-contractors) as well as pre-designated damage recovery assessment teams from business that are deemed critical or of national importance.
  • Federal, state, and local agencies that provide clinical services to parish municipal governments.
  • major utility companies and their pre-designated government contractors (and their sub-contractors).
  • volunteer rescue/response organizations and certain private business and industry pre-designated damage recovery assessment teams.
  • If a hospital employee wants to re-enter, they must state where they are going in the City as well as show valid and current hospital identification. 
  • Essential City Employees may enter at this time, must show their City ID card, and state their destination. 
  • All entities and personnel granted access must be self-sustainable and prepared to abide by all movement and curfew restrictions in effect.  No support services - such as fueling stations, grocery stores, or other items of convenience - should be expected to be open immediately upon re-entry.
  • The airport is not open at this time, but the City will notify residents and media on the timeframes in subsequent updates.
  • The City remains under a mandatory evacuation, and each person must display an appropriate city-issued placard - Tier 1 today - in order to enter New Orleans.
  • Roadblocks are out to maintain traffic control and only properly credentialed persons may re-enter as listed in this bulletin.
  • Mayor Nagin assured residents that the general population will be able to re-enter New Orleans within the next few days. By Tuesday evening, Mayor Nagin will be able to assess the status of re-entry for Tier 2 (critical infrastructure, those with major economic impact, or damage assessment teams) placard holders as well as the general population and those who used the City Assisted Evacuation Plan.
  • The New Orleans EOC and Joint Information Center will continue to be operational.


  • The City's mandatory evacuation, which began on Sunday, August 31, remains in effect.
  • The City of New Orleans curfew from dusk until dawn remains in effect tonight.
  • Levee assessments are ongoing and the City will announce the floodgate re-openings as they are prudent and safe for citizens.  Restrictions on traffic movement will remain in effect for safety.


  • Essential personnel of the United States of America, State of Louisiana and City of New Orleans; essential personnel of regulated utilities and mass transportation services; essential personnel of hospitals and their patients; essential personnel of the media; essential personnel of the Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriff's Office and its inmates; essential personnel of the courts of the City of New Orleans and the Parish of New Orleans; and essential personnel of operating hotels and their patrons as authorized by the City's Emergency Operating Center and/or Unified Command.
  • Those persons who remain within the City of New Orleans do so at their own risk and are subject to arrest if they are outside the boundaries of their own property.


Important Numbers:

American Red Cross


Family Register Locator --1-800-588-9822

State Emergency -- 866-288-2484

Jefferson Parish -- 504-349-5360