Commander doubtful cause of B-52 crash will ever be known

BARKSDALE AFB, LA (KSLA) - The commander of the 2nd Bomb Wing says the Air Force may never know exactly what caused a Barksdale B-52 to crash off the coast of Guam in July, killing six crewmembers.

Colonel Robert Wheeler says it's highly unlikely investigators will ever recover enough of the downed bomber to answer those questions.

Wheeler also said the military took steps over the weekend to help the family of one of the lost officers cope with the loss.

"We did a B-52 flyover to give some closure to the family, to honor the family, the co-pilot on that particular flight.  The idea behind it was that he was a member of our team," said Wheeler.

The flyover was conducted near a cemetery in San Antonio to honor Captain Michael Dodson, whose remains have not been found.