SWEPCO bills expected to go up

By Tania Francois - email | bio

Shreveport, LA (KSLA) - Lynette Jackson says her electric bill was $242.97. She was rushing in to pay the bill, when we told her electric bills are set to go up. Meanwhile Tawanda Robertson says she just paid to get her services restored. "They just turned my electric off. I just got it turned back on."

SWEPCO customers who are already feeling the blow of high summer bills now add the cost of a coal plant that went down and a change in the way SWEPCO does rates in Louisiana.

If you use an average of a thousand kilowatts a month, you will see a twelve dollar increase. There's a three dollar increase because of the formula rates but a 41 cent credit for a rider. In English, expect higher bills especially in the next two months.

Scott McCloud a spokesperson for SWEPCO says, "It just happen to fall in June and now you're paying for it in August and then you're gonna have July usage, you're gonna have to pay for in September which is gonna be high."

The good news, the worst of the two increases will only be for two months.

But expect to see another increase because of a deferment AEP did for some of that natural gas they had to pay for. No matter which way you put it the thought of a higher bill doesn't sit well with too many people.

Marie Tucker says, "I regret that because it's already to high now, with the fuel charge it's as much as the electricity charge." While Jackson says, "it's a lot of us won't be able to live. I mean cause we paying all these bills. The gas costs are going up and plus the electricity. I mean I don't know some of us might not be able to live."

Michelle Taylor is already thinking of ways to conserve.  "Maybe cut some lights off, take the light bulbs out. We'll have to cut some games off maybe a few others things try to do what we can."