11 Year Old Boy Saves Life Of Neighbor By Forgetting Keys

By Jonathan McCall - bio | email

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - "I just feel like I didn't do anything." 11 year old Antonio Goode-Lough, may be a normal kid but after saving his neighbors life Wednesday, this new middle school student, can now be called a hero.

Antonio was walking home from school when he realized he didn't have his keys, so he went to his next door neighbor's house. When they weren't at home, he went across the street to another neighbors house, and from there, it was a stroke of luck literally."

His mom Tanya Lough, says it was frustrating hearing the news at first. "We just had this long talk about your key... Don't forget it don't forget it." But leaving them might have been the stroke of genius for Antonio, because he had to stay at a nearby neighbor, while she watched her two small children. "She came back from the bathroom. I thought something was wrong with her, and she couldn't write the number down." It turns out... Antonio's neighbor... had suffered a stroke.  "It looked like she was about to cry. She looked like she couldn't breathe." And that's when Antonio sprang into action... calling paramedics to help save his neighbors life, and even offered to stay with the woman's two small grandchildren.

Tanya Lough says despite what has happened, she hasn't had to stroke Antonio's ego. "He thinks that this is what he is supposed to do... So he doesn't think it's anything out of the ordinary."