New Law Could Possibly Allow Guns On Campus

By Jonathan McCall - bio | email

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - "Children face fearful situations in their everyday life. They shouldn't have to face one at school. " It's a dangerous mix, that's been proven to have deadly results...guns on school campuses, but could the combination now be legal in the state of Louisiana?

Back in July a new Louisiana state law passed now allows workers to bring concealed weapons to the workplace, as long as it's kept in the car, but what about teachers... bringing those guns onto campus? "I think there is some ambivalence there. We clearly say that schools are gun free. And they should remain that way." Jackie Lansdale with the Caddo federation of teachers says the new law, could pose a problem... for both teachers and students.

All schools in Caddo Parish have a zero tolerance policy regarding guns on campus. But despite the law the new law... Officials with the Caddo Parish School Board say zero tolerance is what they'll be enforcing. Roy Murry the head of school security of Caddo parish says he hasn't been asked about the matter from school board personnel... so far.

"If you're that fearful of your life, then we've clearly missed the mark."Lansdale says she understands the purpose of the law, but says she won't be leading teachers to carry them on campus. "If a teacher calls me and asks me should I bring a gun to school, clearly our answer will be if you have to.... we probably need to do some other things."