SporTran Hopes to Raise Fares

By Tania Francois - email | bio

Shreveport, LA (KSLA) - If SporTran has its way, soon riders will be faced with a fare increase.

For a single ride the prices will go up a quarter. For a monthly pass it'll go up five dollars. A day pass will go up by 50 cents and for students and children the increase will only by ten cents.

SporTran's budget for diesel fuel is at $2,000,000 they say they need the increase to help put a dent in that budget.

Gene Eddy with SporTran says, "Biggest single reason is fuel price increase. We've seen increases of almost $900,000 in our budget this year based on the increase fuel. We know that this is an imposition at the same time, these kinds of increases have to be dealt with by the people that use them as well by city government and by the federal government."

SporTran fares haven't been raised in 7 years. And compared to other cities, the current rate is the lowest.

Riders we spoke to say they can go along with an increase. Christopher Johnson says, "they can ride all day with just what they can pay for a gallon of gas, can't complain."

Only two of the 46 buses in SporTran's fleet are hybrid diesel buses. They say they hope to buy more but for now they are faced with a big gas bill.

If approved the fare increase will take effect on October 6th.  First the Shreveport and Bossier City Councils must approve it.

Next Thursday there will be a public hearing at Government Plaza and it begins at 4:30 where riders can voice their opinions for or against the increase.