Family injured after car careens into restaurant

By Fred Childers - email | bio

BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) -   Imagine enjoying a meal at a restaurant and seeing a car rushing toward your table from outside. "The driver of the vehicle is a 73 year old woman, who tells police she was pulling up to park, in front of the store when she accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake," says Mark Natale, with the Bossier City Police Department.
    A family, seated directly in front of the window at Gumbo to Go not only saw the car coming in," She just floored it, and like, the window shattered," said Kesha Brown, an employee of the Gumbo to go restaurant. The family also felt it's impact. The car reportedly careened through the table where they were seated. According to Natale "The father sustained what appeared to be a serious leg injury, the mother and child sustained very minor injuries, all of them are being taken to the hospital at this point".
But the car didn't stop at the table, it continued on through the restaurant.  "The car is actually inside the restaurant," stated Natale. The car wasn't even visible to onlookers outside of the restaurant.
    Brown saw the crash from outside. "It hit the register, broke the register, went into the grill and kind of started a fire," says Brown.
     Luckily at eleven o clock, the lunch crowd was minimal.
     The driver was visibly shaken, but not hurt, neither were her two passengers.
     Bossier City Police will not cite the driver.