Shreveport recycling begins

By Liz Elan - bio | email

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Shreveport's curbside recycling makes its big debut Monday

Big blue bins across town are filling up.

Shreveport resident, Kelli Cole, says she has filled bags and bags so the pin is full."

The "Just Curb It" campaign was announced months ago by Mayor Cedric Glover.

It's gained so much popularity,  Mayor Glover has even received a new title.
"The children at Shreve Island Elementary school have informed me that I'm not the mayor but the curb it man," he said.

Putting his words into action, Mayor Glover wheeled out one of the first bins for pick up.

Residents stood by pleased to see the program finally underway.

"It's great,  it's long awaited and I'm so excited that we are actually doing it and it's being made so easy by throwing everything in one bin, said resident Terry Langley.

Paper, aluminum, steel products, newspaper, magazines and cardboard, it all goes in the bin.

Your recycling will be picked up and sorted by Pratt Industries.

If the wrong thing ends up in there, they will let you know.

Jim Drake from Pratt Industries says "if there is garbage in your pickup, we will place a sticker on the bin that explains why we did not pick it up.>

The "Just Curb It" is expected to go off without a hitch and maybe clear up a bit of an eye soar around   town.