Texarkana couple murdered by their son

By Liz Elan - bio | email

TEXARKANA, ARKANSAS (KSLA) -    On Friday night, the home at 88 Big Rock Circle became one of the most gruesome crime scenes Texarkana, Arkansas has seen in years.

One resident said "it kind of puts a flame underneath people to understand what goes on behind closed doors.

Tim Godwin of Texarkana said "it's very odd, being such a small community and all."

At about 8pm on Friday, police say 38 year old Bronson Scoggins called 911 repeating, "I got both of them."

Police say when they arrived they located Scoggins in the front yard with blood on his clothing.

When police went inside they found Albert Walsh dead in a recliner. His wife and mother of Scoggins, Sandra Walsh, was about 10 feet away in the hallway.

Texarkana Police Chief Bob Harrison said "it was a very gruesome, extremely bloody scene and it appeared to be numerous stab wounds to both victims."

Police were at the home a few hours before the murders. Scoggins called 911 saying his parents had stolen something from him, but Police left the residence thinking the issue had been resolved.

"At that time they had nothing to lead them to believe anybody was in any danger, said officer Kristi Mitchell.

Scoggins is charged with two counts of capitol murder.

Friends and family say he was mentally ill and moved back home so his parents could help look after him.

"They say the kid had a lot of problems in childhood, I guess this just caught up with him, said Texarkana resident Michelle O'Neil.

Investigators have their suspect, but the case if far from closed.

Now they must piece together what drove Scoggins to take the life of the people who gave him his.