Hurricane Katrina evacuees on trial for death of infant, mother takes the stand

Story by Fred Childers
SHREVEPORT, LA - KSLA- Tiffany Woods and her common law husband, Emmanuel Scott are on trial at the Caddo Courthouse for second degree murder. Prosecutors say the couple starved their infant son, Emmanuel Woods to death. The couple's defense attorneys told Judge Jeanette Garrett the baby had a disease, and the couple had a difficult time getting medical treatment after relocating to Shreveport. Prosecutor Brady O'Callaghan told Judge Garrett "They watched it die in a city doing everything to reach out to evacuees." The Coroner out of Little Rock, Arkansas testified that the infant died of starvation and dehydration.
   If convicted, the couple faces life in prison.

By Fred Childers - email | bio

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) -  The trial of two Hurricane Katrina evacuees accused of starving their infant son to death continues today (Friday) with the mother of the child taking the stand in her defense. Tifanny Woods says the baby did not starve to death, and that she didn't think the child was in any danger. Woods and Emmanuel Scott are charged with second degree murder.
      Shortly after the couple moved here to Shreveport following Hurricane Katrina, Tiffany found her son Emmanuel Woods not breathing, she testified today she performed CPR and called 911. "This is very unfortunate, and the state is trying to prove they criminally or negligently murdered their child, and this is just a terrible tragedy for which circumstances could not have been avoided," said Ed Mouton, Scott's defense attorney. On the stand Tiffany told Judge Jeanette Garrett that while staying in shelters in Shreveport, she did not have access to medical facilities. "I was stuck", said Tiffany.
    During opening arguments Prosecutor Brady O' Callaghan told Judge Garrett "They watched it die, in a city that was doing everything it could to reach out to evacuees."  Mouton had this to say about that statement. "I don't believe Shreveport did anything other than welcome them here, and then Katrina had happened to this family and circumstances unfortunately resulted in the death of their child," said Mouton. T
    The defense and prosecution have both rested their cases.
    The trial is expected to resume August 21st.