Is an electric toothbrush better than a manual one?

I am a young general Dentist with old school ways and I use a manual toothbrush, my brother is an Oral Surgeon and he uses an electric toothbrush. So what does that mean??? Nothing. Whatever "floats your boat" and gets you to brushing regularly is the one you need to use. The only recommendation I would suggest is that if you use a manual toothbrush get a soft bristle toothbrush. Many people think that if they get a hard bristle toothbrush, they will be doing a better job at keeping their teeth clean.  That is simply not the case. In fact most people that have that ideology have usually "sawed" back and forth on their teeth until they have developed a trench line at the base of the crown of their teeth where they sawed off the enamel of their teeth. Those people usually have serious tooth sensitivity issues. If this is you I am talking about, please visit your general dentist, bring your soft bristle toothbrush and have him/her go over proper brushing techniques with you.

Rodrick Loud, DDS [Shreveport, LA (318) 631-3464]