Is there anything that I can do about my sensitive teeth?

It has been estimated one in four people between the ages of 20 and 45 have sensitive teeth.  Sensitive teeth can arise from many different sources newly placed dental appliances, i.e. Crowns or fillings, treatment or just general hypersensitivity from cold foods, sweets and sometimes cold air.  Most people believe that they just have to live with tooth hypersensitivity but that is not the care tooth have dentinal tubules which are tiny holes that are too small for the human eyes to see that transmitted pain sensations to the nervous system of the teeth desensitization of these tubules can be easily done at your family dentist office often with no pain involved by using topical medications the use of Dental lasers are also used in the treatment of desensitizing teeth.

Rodrick Loud, DDS [Shreveport, LA (318) 631-3464]