People who live in Caddo Heights are trying to figure out what they can do about the violence

Thursday night shooting scene,
Thursday night shooting scene,
Thursday night shooting scene. Cops looking for shell casings and guns.
Thursday night shooting scene. Cops looking for shell casings and guns.

By Tania Francois - email | bio

Shreveport, LA (KSLA) - People who live in what police refer to as District 11 are outraged about the recent shootings happening in their neighborhood.

Thursday night, a 15 year old was shot in the chest and killed. Police say he was riding on the handle bars of a bike when he and his cousin got into an argument with another group of young men and then a shoot-out.  Those suspects who are still on the loose.

Two hours later and less than two miles away, another teen on a bike is shot in the head. He's expected to make it.  Police say he too was on the handle bars of a bike. He was found lying in the middle of Linwood Avenue but was able to talk to police.

So far this year, this is the 6th homicide in District 11. That is the most homicides of all of the districts.  Districts 3 and 5 both have had four homicides this year.  In all, the city of Shreveport has had 21.

People who live in the Caddo Heights area say they know there is a problem with drugs, guns and young people just not having enough to do but they say they just aren't sure what to do about it.

Marcellus Gay who is 56 years old says he's lived in the area since he was two. He says, "Kids, they're out and they have the guns and I don't know where they're getting those from."

Lemrell Hardeman also lives in the area and delivers mail there. He says, "I think the kids now-a-days they're not listening, they don't value nothing. They don't value their life; they don't value anybody else's life."

Kenneth Monsanto lives in the area and has children and grandchildren. He says, "it's astonishing that a person can just walk down the street and probably perhaps get a gun."

Lamontravious Dodson is 14-years-old and also lives in the area. When asked if he had a gun, he said no. When asked if he knows how to get one, his response, "I know how to get one, but I ain't gettin' one until I'm old enough to have one."

Dodson says it saddens him that most of the victims in these recent shootings are teens he's grown up with. "It's just wrong for what these kids doing out here. Little kids carrying around guns and all that."

As for solutions, the men we spoke with all had different ideas in mind.

Gay says, "They need to be in school but they're out here on the streets you know."
Hardeman says, "the first thing I would do is have the parents to raise their children God's way."
Monsanto adds, "if a lot of men would step up and be a father, not only to their children but to other children and try to improve the community" he says things would be better.

So for now, Monsanto says the best weapon he uses to protect his family is, "I just pray. Because God has the answer to all things!"

According to the Shreveport police department's website:
District 11 is made up of Sunset Acres, Hollywood, West Cedar Grove, and the Cedar Grove area west of I-49.
District 3 is Allendale and Ledbetter Heights.
And district 5 is Anderson Island, Dixie Garden, Shreve Island, Broadmore, Waterside, South Highland, and Cedar Grove area north of 70th.