Attorney General: Police Chief has discretion on who watches Brolin arrest video

By Fred Childers - email | bio

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) -   Shreveport city council members who want to see police video of actor Josh Brolin's arrest, have the legal opinion from the Louisiana Attorney General. In July Hollywood actors Josh Brolin and Jeffrey Wright were arrested at Stray Cat's bar during an altercation. Council members believe it's unfair that Mayor Cedric Glover was able to see police video of the incident, but they were not. The AG's opinion handed down late last week said the discretion is left to the police chief. Police Spokeswoman, Kacee Hargrave tells News 12 Whitehorn has not seen the opinion and will not comment until he has seen it.
During a previous interview when News 12 first told you about the request City Council President Joe Shyne said "We feel like if the mayor has a right to see it, we have a right to see it." Other council members have expressed an interest in seeing the tape as well. "Council members contacted me, and we talked about it and I told them it would be best that we ask for an opinion by the Attorney General," Shyne said.
 In the past, many of the city council members have complained of being left out of the loop, specifically as it pertains to the mayor watching video that's part of an active investigation.
Before the opinion was rendered Mayor Glover told News 12, "The opinion of the Attorney General is just that, an opinion". Glover appears to be prepared to stand his ground on the issue. The city attorney had already weighed in on the controversy and sided with the chief and Glover. Shyne indicated that the council would even take Glover to court over the matter.