Family of Woman Shot In Head, Lives On Through 5 Children She Leaves Behind

By Jonathan McCall - bio | email SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - "It's been a like a roller coaster. Up and down. We didn't expect anything like this to happen." The ride of emotions, pain and grief Chaun Little and his family have been on, is partly over, after his sister Marsheva Little died Thursday night at LSU Medical Center. Marsheva laid in the hospital, after being shot in the head by her boyfriend, 25 year old Christopher Taylor, back on July 22nd, in Shreveport's M.L.K neighborhood. Shreveport Police say the two were arguing just moments before Marsheva was shot. Chaun says he heard the relationship was often violent, and just wishes cooler heads had prevailed that day. "I wish she would have gotten out sooner, but she didn't and the children are left behind... we have to put this to rest and raise her children."

Marsheva's death, not only leaves a void in Chaun's heart... but it also leaves five children... three girls and two boys without a mother. The oldest child is 11, the youngest, just 6 months old. Chaun says the kids were Marsheva's world, and she would have done anything for them. "I mean 2 full time jobs and still trying to take care of the kids making sure they eat, and they got clothes."

As for Christopher Taylor, the man accused of shooting Marsheva in the head, he walks the streets as a free man. Taylor was charged with aggravated battery in connection with the shooting, and posted bond earlier this week. Chaun says he wants justice served.... "I have no vengeance against him because god will handle him and whatever is meant for him to go through the rest of his life that will be taken care of." And now Chaun Little and his family are getting ready for a new ride, one that now involves the future of Marsheva's five kids, without forgetting her memory.