Sheveport Police Department back in business after power outage

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - The Shreveport police department is open for business after an all-day power outage Wednesday shut down its business offices.

The outage was due to a transformer that blew around 4:30 a. m.   AEP/SWEPCO crews worked on the problem all day long and had it fixed by nighttime. 

The City Marshal's office was also affected by the problem, but interim Marshal Charlie Caldwell told KSLA News 12 warrants were still being served.

Back up generators provided light to the buildings.  But computers, phones and the air conditioning systems did not work.

"Blackberries aren't working, so we can't send emails back and forth," said Police Chief Henry Whitehorn.  "We can't access some of the records management systems that we have in place. But we're going to do the police function."

Because of the problem, the police department announced early Wednesday morning that all non-essential employees would be sent home and non-emergency services would be unavailable. 

However,  911 services within Shreveport were not affected.   Officers also continued to patrol the streets and respond to calls for help.

Whitehorn told KSLA News 12 citizens should not be concerned about their safety during the outage.