GM suppliers say job cuts are inevitable as truckers say they already got pink slips

by Tania Francois email | bio

Shreveport, LA (KSLA) - Suppliers that make consoles, seats and dash boards for the GM plant in Shreveport say job cuts are inevitable. This just one day after GM announced it's getting rid of it's entire second shift cutting some 700 jobs at the Shreveport plant.

Debbie Carr, the Human Resources manager at Ai, said a meeting was set for Tuesday afternoon where workers would be told who would stay and who would be let go. They currently employ 181 people.

At Grupo Antolin, officials there say they employ about 40 people, 16 on the second shift. They too expect job cuts but they said more details would have to come from their corporate offices.
The same story could be told from most of the company's that supply to GM.

At Jackson Cooper Trucking, Ron Smith says they are going to wait before deciding who would be let go and who would stay. Smith says surely some field workers and drivers may be let go but that would be based on how many trucks will come off the line at GM after the second shift is cut. "Everybody's a little nervous, a little concerned about it and I think it's more the uncertainty than anything else."

Meanwhile, two drivers for Tango trucking company say Tuesday afternoon they were called in to a safety meeting where almost 60 people were told September 29th would be their last day.
One of the men, Melvin Thomas says he's had a back up plan. "I got a part time job, I expect to go to that job full time. I was blessed, I kind of saw it coming down so I gotta job early."

Smith may have said it best, he's advising his workers to prepare for anything. "Got to get yourself in the best financial position you can so that if the worst happens you can survive it."