Video of Brolin arrest watched by mayor, council members want same privilege

By Fred Childers - email | bio

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) -   During last week's city council meeting Mayor Cedric Glover told city council members he had watched and listened to six hours of video and audio of an altercation at Straycats between police and Hollywood actors Josh Brolin and Jeffrey Wright. "There's nothing that is subject at this time to the public records law," Glover told city council members. A majority of the city council took that to mean: you can't watch it. "We feel like if the mayor has a right to see it, we have a right to see it," says Council President, Joe Shyne.  He wants legal clarification from the state. "Council members contacted me, and we talked about it and I told them it would be best that we ask for an opinion by the attorney general.  According to council members the city attorney had already weighed in, and favored the mayor, but the mayor's office says even the AG's opinion will have to be interpreted by the city attorney. "Senator Lydia Jackson had to sue him once in order to get some public information, so we're hoping we don't have to go that far, but if we do, that's our next step," says Shyne.
    In the past, many of the city council members have complained of being left out of the loop, specifically when it comes to the mayor watching video that's part of an active investigation. Shyne asks "If there's nothing bad on the video why hide it?" and adds "I mean, if it is then we need to know about it anyway". 
      An opinion from the A.G., is expected later this week.
      In a phone interview Mayor Glover said the reason he's able to watch the video and city councilors can not is because of the distinction between the executive branch of government and legislative, Glover being the executive, and city council being legislative. He also said the opinion of the A.G.'s Office is just that, an opinion. So even if it does favor the council, the mayor seems to be saying he'll stand his ground. A legal battle could be brewing at city council.