Alleged prostitution ring busted, ad placed on Craigslist

By Fred Childers - email | bio

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) -    Kendrick Wright, Tazia Lyons, and Angel Delacerna are charged with prostitution. Wright is charged with inciting prostitution. "It's the oldest profession, but it's also illegal," says Kacee Hargrave, with the Shreveport Police Department. Police say they came across the trio from Dallas on Craig's List. "With modern technology these days to me internet advertising is what newspaper or magazines ads were at one time," says Hargrave.
    The Shreveport Police vice unit set up a meeting with the three individuals at a hotel in the 1900 block of North Market Street, it was here that undercover officers say they were offered sex for payment.  "They were arrested for prostitution in the process of the arrest there was another individual, a male who tried to interfere with the police investigation," says Hargrave. Police say Wright interfered, and Lyons faces an additional charge of resisting.
    The investigation started on Craig's List, a place where goods and services are advertised from all over the world. "If people are looking for prostitutes there's a variety ways of doing that," says Hargrave.       
     Now all three sit in the city jail tonight (Friday) facing felony charges and await a transfer to Caddo Correctional Center.