Nigerian scam arrest

By Fred Childers - email | bio

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) -   Krista Jones is charged with forgery for her alleged participation in a what the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office calls a Nigerian scam. Typically that type of scam involves a supposed official from a foreign country that needs your help cashing a check from a foreign bank account - and offering you a percentage - free money. "We talk to people every day that get some type of letter in the mail, they say they look genuine," says Andy Fisher, President of the Better Business Bureau. The BBB says the individual is ripped off every time. "Any time you get an email, a certified letter, or correspondence from outside of the country, this should be a red flag," warns Fisher.
    What makes this case so unique is the Caddo Sheriff's Office says Krista Jones was the intended target, but she knowingly took those counterfeit checks and tried to pass them off onto someone else, specifically the Best Value Inn on Monkhouse Drive. "She got me for 3900", says Jim Nand, manager of the hotel. Nand  says he let Jones work there and stay at the hotel for a while. "And then she'd get these checks and pay these hotel bills," says Nand. But Nand got suspicious and called police. "Anytime your hard earned dollars are being ripped off from you it's a hurtful feeling, and i don't want any other business owner to experience what i experienced," says Nand. When asked if he had ever heard of someone trying to pass those checks on Fisher said No. "Normally we do not hear of that, normally it's the person that is receiving the notification," says Fisher.
    Nand expects to get most of his money back. And Jones now faces a charge of forgery for two checks equaling 8,000 dollars.