Attorney Daryl Gold speaks out on his arrest

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Shreveport Defense Attorney Daryl Gold talked about his arrest Wednesday during a news conference.

Gold was arrested last week by the Caddo Parish White Collar Crimes Unit while he was in Red River Parish participating in a murder trial.

Caddo Parish sheriff's detectives say Gold opened credit cards in his ex-wife's name.

Gold denies the charges and blasted the investigation during the news conference. "This was a very unprofessional investigation. The powers that be decided to take the word of a very bitter ex-wife, who hates me, and hates my significant other even more," Gold said to a packed room of reporters and colleagues.

Gold has hired Marty Stroud, Allen Stroud, and Peter Flowers to represent him.

There's no word on when his trial will begin.