Some Shreveport gas stations offering discounts to cash-paying customers

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Before you get your next fill-up, you may want to double-check the signs at the pumps. Some gas stations are charging as much as seven cents a gallon less if you pay with cash.

In Shreveport, there are two Exxon gas stations already doing it.

"We paid by cash for gas yesterday but today we're putting a little more in," said Misty McGee, who was filling up her vehicle.

The operator of the Exxon on Pines Road and I-20 says it's to off-set the cost the credit card companies charge. Some customers say they don't mind it.

"I just carry (cash)," said driver Kevin Roberts. "I have to carry more cash for work. I get to have a lot of cash on hand for work materials and things like that."

The operator of the Exxon on Mansfield Road and Jewella Avenue said even charging less for cash, he hasn't seen a decrease in his credit card purchases.

"We're using credit card, but the gas is six cents cheaper than it was yesterday," said McGee.

"I mean, yes, it does say cash, but I don't know why they would do that," remarked driver Leo Trujillo.

Not everyone's happy with the idea, saying it's deceptive. However the owner says the signs are clear and on every pump. He says he's not trying to deceive anyone, but instead trying to find away to save on his costs.

"You can't carry that much cash around with you, you know, to pay for your gas," Trujillo said.

The two Exxon stations are the only two known of so far in Shreveport offering the discounts. Station owners said they've heard rumors of other gas station doing the same thing soon.

One gas station owner said an official with the Department of Agriculture and Forestry, the agency which regulates gas stations, was told what he's doing  is legal.